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Member Organizations
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M. Ali  Chaudry Center for Understanding Islam
The Center for Understanding Islam seeks to present an enlightened understanding of Islam in America
Jill  Briggles Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County
The Community Relations Committee serves as the public and human affairs arm of Federation. CRC advocates, educates and commemorates on issues of social concern to the Jewish community. In addition, the committee organizes programs that are relevant to the broader community and serves to foster relations with public officials and community leaders.
Qaiser  Chishti Compassionate Care Network New Jersey
Compassionate Care Network (CCN) provides New Jersey residents with preventative health education and health screenings, access to reduced cost health care.
Janet M.  Haag Fellowship in Prayer, Inc.
Fellowship in Prayer is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering a deeper spirit of unity among humankind by promoting the practice of prayer meditation and service through planned conferences and events, as well as the publication of a quarterly, multi-faith journal entitled SACRED JOURNEY.
Walter  Ruby Foundation for Ethnic Understanding
a New York based not-for-profit focusing on strengthening Muslim-Jewish relations around the world.
Maureen  Fiedler Interfaith Voices
Interfaith Voices is a weekly, hour-long public radio show, heard on 47 stations in the U.S. and Canada. We cover religion in depth - as news. No proselytizing. We strive to cover all major faith traditions in North America and to promote interfaith understanding in our diverse society. Shows can be heard on line, and we podcast. Welcome!
Victoria  Whitfield Interweave
Established in 1980, Interweave is a community learning center teaching skills for wholistic living that strengthen wellness, deepen spirituality and promote the common good.
Mohammad  Chaudry Islamic Society of Basking Ridge
Islamic Society of Basking Ridge 124 Church Street, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 (Tax ID: 27-4808552) ISBR is a family friendly Islamic organization, open, diverse and moderate, serving Muslims residing or working in the Somerset Hills area.
Juman  Khweis Islamic Society of North America
ISNA aims to foster the development of the Muslim community, interfaith relations, civic engagement, and better understanding of Islam.
Parvez  Khan Jews and Muslims- Washington, DC
JAM DC exists to bring together Muslim and Jewish young professionals in the Washington DC area through social, educational, cultural, and service activities, as well as to publicize these bridge-building activities to serve as an inspiration locally, nationally and internationally.
alex  kharazi Masjid-e-Ali Mosque
Masjud-e-Ali is locatedat Somerset, NJ. For information pleasesee its wrbsite
Siddeeq  El-Amin Masjidullah Plainfield
The organization is formed to be a non-profit, non-political, and tax-exempt organization providing religious teachings from the Quran, the Sunnah, and Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The organization shall be, and remain, a supporter of Imam W. Deen Mohammed, and his initiatives and the initiatives of the scholars, whom will be determined by the Majlis as-Shura. The purpose of the Masjidullah is the promotion of Islamic principles, the preservation of the spiritual well being of its members and the perpetuation of the faith and discipline of the religion of Al-Islam.
Joe  Ritacco Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought (MCWRET)
Principle purpose of MCWRET is to enhance the acceptance of religious and cultural diversity. The Center is committed to honor and enrich individual religious, spiritual and ethical practices; encourage interfaith listening and understanding; raise a common voice against injustice and intolerance; provide a center for the study of world religions and ethical thought; and serve as a unique interfaith and intercultural meeting place.
Faheemah  El-Amin Muslim Community Soup Kitchen, Inc.
The Muslim Community Soup Kitchen (MCSK), is an affiliate community service of MASJIDULLAH, INC., a charitable Islamic religious-based organization located in Plainfield, New Jersey. Feedings began in 1989. The MCSK will cook and feed the hungry. We will collect and donate seasonal clothing. We will accept help or donations from the community. We will maintain a steady register of benevolent members. We will arrange festive occasions for the children. We will collect canned food for donation. We will work closely with other benevolent organizations.
Mohammad Ali  Chaudry New Jersey Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee (NJMJSC)
New Jersey Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee (NJMJSC) NJMJSC will focus on three main areas of involvement, being there for each other; educating ourselves about each other; and organizing cultural, social service and festive events. 1. Being There for Each Other邑e should set up a permanent sub-committee that will act on behalf of the entire NJ Muslim-Jewish Solidarity Committee to ensure that New Jersey Jews and Muslims stand together in public solidarity if either community is victimized by hate crimes or incitement. The sub-committee will be empowered to issue statements, hold press conferences or to take other actions in response to incidents in which either the Muslim or Jewish community is wrongfully maligned or subjected to discriminatory actions. Neither community should feel alone and vulnerable any longer. 2. Educating Ourselves About Each Other憂ews and Muslims must educate ourselves about each other擁including our respective holy books, rituals, customs and lifestyles if we are to effectively counter Islamophobia and anti-Semitism in the larger community and also within our respective communities. To accomplish this task we should create an Education Sub-Committee that will organize public events involving rabbis, imams, academics, theologians and other experts on Islam and Judaism, focusing on both the commonalities and differences between our faith traditions. 3. Organizing Cultural, Social Service and Festive events邑e should form a sub-committee that will focus on organizing local and regional events預long the lines of many of the events that have taken place during the Weekend of Twinning熔n a year-round basis. This wil give New Jersey Muslims and Jews the opportunity to meet and connect on a personal level, whether it is coming together on each other痴 holidays for festive meals or joining together to perform acts of repairing the world (tikkun olam and islah) such as feeding the hungry under the aegis of our dear friend and collaborator, Zamir Hassan of Muslims Against Hunger, visiting sick or elderly folks, repairing houses or other

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